AMPNH is proud to be hosting our first event which will be held at LaBelle Winery in Bedford, NH, from 6-9pm. We are excited to highlight all of the amazing work we have been doing to support medical aesthetic providers here in NH over the last year. As we prepare for the new legislative session starting in the Fall, we look forward to expanding our network of medical aesthetic providers.

The AMPNH Launch Event on August 3rd at Labelle Winery was a huge success! We could not have done this without the support from all of our sponsors, so THANK YOU! If you missed this event don’t stress as we are already in the process of planning the next big event which will be taking place in December. Stay tuned! 

Interested in sponsoring our event?

AMPNH is looking for event sponsors. Here you can find event information and sponsorship form. We sincerely appreciate all of our sponsors and we look forward to highlighting all of our sponsors on the evening of August 3rd.

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We believe that continued education is crucial for the continued growth of all medical aesthetic providers.

Find out about the upcoming events for the Aesthetic Medical Providers of New Hampshire members.

AMPNH specializes in updating members with information about new teaching methods, current industry events, and New Hampshire specific updates.

The medical aesthetic industry is rapidly expanding, so selecting the proper training is more important than ever. We make it easy to evolve your medical aesthetic training by offering industry and master-led training, as well as keeping you up-to-date on trainings that are happening both locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Our mission is to teach and keep you up to date on best practice techniques and standards for all medical aesthetic procedures, in addition to analyzing and reviewing evolving literature in medical aesthetics.

Our events can provide education on innovative trends, legal updates, and best practices, as well as opportunities to share, learn, and network. Plus, attending one of our events leads to long-lasting professional relationships that can help you grow your brand.



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